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BMW E30 M3

At Rally Prep we live and breathe E30 M3s. As die-hard enthusiasts of what is arguably BMW’s greatest ever M-car and drivers machine, we are passionate about these amazing vehicles.

We have extensive knowledge of the E30 M3 and how to make them perform across a range of surfaces from the forests and gravel, to Irish and Manx asphalt, through to smooth European stages.

Builds can cater for full FIA Appendix K Historic vehicles (we were the FIRST company to get a new build FIA specification M3 issued with full papers) through to a modern vehicle to take on and beat the best of the modified Mark II Escorts.

We can provide restoration services for period vehicles, with or without competition provenance, from light touch re-commissioning to full strip and rebuild.

Our detailed understanding of the various homologation specifications across the period in which the cars competed means that we can advise and build a car to perfectly match an existing period competition vehicle to its homologated specification, or to build a car from scratch to take full advantage of the available homologation opportunities.

Through years of working with these special vehicles, and developing parts manufactured to modern tolerances to meet homologation specifications, we have put together a suite of parts to build stunning ultra-high performance E30 M3 rally cars. This includes a number of areas where there are significant challenges in meeting the homologation requirements due to shortage of approved components or meeting modern safety criteria within the spirit of the sporting regulations.

Building a LEGAL FIA Appendix K car is not a straight forward exercise and there are significant differences between re-preparing a period car which already has provenance/papers and building a new car from scratch.

Once the vehicle is ready to compete we can provide on event support throughout the UK and Europe with our experienced motorsport technicians on hand to ensure optimum vehicle performance throughout the duration of a rally.

Rally Prep – E30 M3 rally cars for any surface and event type, from FIA Historic to modern modified specification from a British Rally Championship winning team.

BMW’s iconic Group A rally